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OEM Plastic Sabic Geloy Resin XP7560 ASA PC For Injection Moulding

OEM Plastic Sabic Geloy Resin XP7560 ASA PC For Injection Moulding
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Melt Volume Rate, MVR At 260°C/5.0 Kg: 20
UL Compliant, 94HB Flame Class Rating (3)(4): 3.2
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ASA PC Geloy Resin


Geloy Resin XP7560


Geloy plastic resin for injection molding

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: ——
Brand Name: Sabic Geloy
Certification: COA/ICP Test/Rohs/MSDS
Model Number: XP7560
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 25KG/bag
Delivery Time: To be negotiated
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: To be negotiated
Product Description

Sabic Geloy XP7560 resin is a general purpose ASA/PC injection moulding grade, available in various colours.


MECHANICAL Value Unit Standard
Tensile Stress, yield, 50 mm/min 55 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Stress, break, 50 mm/min 43 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strain, yield, 50 mm/min 3.7 % ISO 527
Tensile Strain, break, 50 mm/min 20 % ISO 527
Tensile Modulus, 1 mm/min 2460 MPa ISO 527
Flexural Stress, yield, 2 mm/min 82 MPa ISO 178
Flexural Modulus, 2 mm/min 2500 MPa ISO 178
Hardness, H358/30 92 MPa ISO 2039-1
Hardness, Rockwell R 111 - ISO 2039-2
IMPACT Value Unit Standard
Izod Impact, notched 80*10*4 +23°C 20 kJ/m² ISO 180/1A
Izod Impact, notched 80*10*4 -30°C 8 kJ/m² ISO 180/1A
THERMAL Value Unit Standard
Thermal Conductivity 0.2 W/m-°C ISO 8302
CTE, 23°C to 60°C, flow 9.5E-05 1/°C ISO 11359-2
Ball Pressure Test, 75°C +/- 2°C PASSES - IEC 60695-10-2
Ball Pressure Test, approximate maximum 95 °C IEC 60695-10-2
Vicat Softening Temp, Rate A/50 113 °C ISO 306
Vicat Softening Temp, Rate B/50 102 °C ISO 306
Vicat Softening Temp, Rate B/120 107 °C ISO 306
HDT/Be, 0.45MPa Edgew 120*10*4 sp=100mm 102 °C ISO 75/Be
HDT/Ae, 1.8 MPa Edgew 120*10*4 sp=100mm 86 °C ISO 75/Ae
PHYSICAL Value Unit Standard
Mold Shrinkage on Tensile Bar, flow (2) 0.4 - 0.6 % SABIC Method
Density 1.1 g/cm³ ISO 1183
Water Absorption, (23°C/sat) 0.8 % ISO 62
Moisture Absorption (23°C / 50% RH) 0.3 % ISO 62
Melt Volume Rate, MVR at 260°C/5.0 kg 20 cm³/10 min ISO 1133
UL Compliant, 94HB Flame Class Rating (3)(4) 3.2 mm UL 94 by GE
Source GMD, last updated:07/15/2002    


Injection Molding Value Unit
Drying Temperature 90 - 100 °C
Drying Time 2 - 4 hrs
Maximum Moisture Content 0.05 %
Melt Temperature 250 - 270 °C
Nozzle Temperature 230 - 260 °C
Front - Zone 3 Temperature 240 - 270 °C
Middle - Zone 2 Temperature 230 - 260 °C
Rear - Zone 1 Temperature 220 - 250 °C
Hopper Temperature 60 - 80 °C
Mold Temperature 50 - 70 °C
Source GMD, last updated:07/15/2002  


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Brand Series Model
Sabic Geloy HRA222F-10000



Our customers

In recent years, we have deeply cultivated the domestic market and actively explored foreign markets.Up to now, we have provided high-quality products and services to more than 1,000 customers in various industries, including: electronics and electrical appliances, medical, food, automotive electronics, optoelectronic communications, photovoltaic new energy, water treatment, transportation and other industries.

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Samtion chemical supplies engineering plastics and special modified materials of SABIC and other brands.Our authentic products are guaranteed, with complete qualifications and superior supply capacity and price advantages.

Every batch of our products is subject to strict quality inspection to ensure the original supply. All products have MSDS, ROHS, SGS, REACH, FDA, EU, UL, COC / COA certificates!!

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