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Outdoor Sabic Lexan 203R Polycarbonate Resin 7.0 MFR UV Stabilized

Outdoor Sabic Lexan 203R Polycarbonate Resin 7.0 MFR UV Stabilized
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Melt Flow Rate, 300°C/1.2 Kgf: 7
UL Recognized, 94V-2 Flame Class Rating (3): 1.47
UV Stabilized: Yes
High Light:

Sabic Lexan 203R


Lexan 203R Resin


Sabic lexan polycarbonate resin

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: ——
Brand Name: Sabic Lexan
Certification: COA/ICP Test/Rohs/MSDS
Model Number: 203R
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 25KG/BAG
Delivery Time: To be negotiated
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: To be negotiated
Product Description

Sabic Lexan  203R resin is 7.0 MFR, for thicker sections without sinks. Improved flame retardance. UV stabilized for outdoor and lighting. Internal mold release.



MECHANICAL Value Unit Standard
Tensile Stress, yld, Type I, 50 mm/min 62 MPa ASTM D 638
Tensile Stress, brk, Type I, 50 mm/min 65 MPa ASTM D 638
Tensile Strain, yld, Type I, 50 mm/min 7 % ASTM D 638
Tensile Strain, brk, Type I, 50 mm/min 110 % ASTM D 638
Flexural Stress, yld, 1.3 mm/min, 50 mm span 93 MPa ASTM D 790
Flexural Modulus, 1.3 mm/min, 50 mm span 2340 MPa ASTM D 790
Hardness, Rockwell M 70 - ASTM D 785
Hardness, Rockwell R 118 - ASTM D 785
Taber Abrasion, CS-17, 1 kg 10 mg/1000cy ASTM D 1044
IMPACT Value Unit Standard
Izod Impact, unnotched, 23°C 3204 J/m ASTM D 4812
Izod Impact, notched, 23°C 907 J/m ASTM D 256
Tensile Impact, Type "S" 546 kJ/m² ASTM D 1822
Falling Dart Impact (D 3029), 23°C 169 J ASTM D 3029
THERMAL Value Unit Standard
Vicat Softening Temp, Rate B/50 154 °C ASTM D 1525
HDT, 0.45 MPa, 6.4 mm, unannealed 137 °C ASTM D 648
HDT, 1.82 MPa, 6.4 mm, unannealed 132 °C ASTM D 648
CTE, -40°C to 95°C, flow 6.84E-05 1/°C ASTM E 831
Specific Heat 1.25 J/g-°C ASTM C 351
Thermal Conductivity 0.29 W/m-°C ASTM C 177
Relative Temp Index, Elec 130 °C UL 746B
Relative Temp Index, Mech w/impact 130 °C UL 746B
Relative Temp Index, Mech w/o impact 130 °C UL 746B
PHYSICAL Value Unit Standard
Specific Gravity 1.2 - ASTM D 792
Specific Volume 0.83 cm³/g ASTM D 792
Density 1.19 g/cm³ ASTM D 792
Water Absorption, 24 hours 0.15 % ASTM D 570
Water Absorption, equilibrium, 23C 0.35 % ASTM D 570
Water Absorption, equilibrium, 100°C 0.58 % ASTM D 570
Mold Shrinkage, flow, 3.2 mm 0.5 - 0.7 % SABIC Method
Melt Flow Rate, 300°C/1.2 kgf 7 g/10 min ASTM D 1238
OPTICAL Value Unit Standard
Light Transmission 88 % ASTM D 1003
Haze 1 % ASTM D 1003
Refractive Index 1.586 - ASTM D 542
ELECTRICAL Value Unit Standard
Volume Resistivity >1.E+17 Ohm-cm ASTM D 257
Dielectric Strength, in air, 3.2 mm 14.9 kV/mm ASTM D 149
Relative Permittivity, 50/60 Hz 3.17 - ASTM D 150
Relative Permittivity, 1 MHz 2.96 - ASTM D 150
Dissipation Factor, 50/60 Hz 0.0009 - ASTM D 150
Dissipation Factor, 1 MHz 0.01 - ASTM D 150
Hot Wire Ignition {PLC) 4 PLC Code UL 746A
High Voltage Arc Track Rate {PLC} 2 PLC Code UL 746A
High Ampere Arc Ign, surface {PLC} 1 PLC Code UL 746A
Comparative Tracking Index (UL) {PLC} 2 PLC Code UL 746A
UL Recognized, 94V-2 Flame Class Rating (3) 1.47 mm UL 94
UL Recognized, 94V-0 Flame Class Rating (3) 5.99 mm UL 94
UV-light, water exposure/immersion F1 - UL 746C
Source GMD, last updated:01/04/2000    


Injection Molding Value Unit
Drying Temperature 120 °C
Drying Time 3 - 4 hrs
Drying Time (Cumulative) 48 hrs
Maximum Moisture Content 0.02 %
Melt Temperature 310 - 330 °C
Nozzle Temperature 305 - 325 °C
Front - Zone 3 Temperature 310 - 330 °C
Middle - Zone 2 Temperature 300 - 320 °C
Rear - Zone 1 Temperature 290 - 310 °C
Mold Temperature 80 - 115 °C
Back Pressure 0.3 - 0.7 MPa
Screw Speed 40 - 70 rpm
Shot to Cylinder Size 40 - 60 %
Vent Depth 0.025 - 0.076 mm
Source GMD, last updated:01/04/2000  


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Our warehouse

With a strong sales network and strength, we have warehousing services in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen free trade zone, Hong Kong and other four places (conventional product inventory exceeds 1000 tons). We can provide customers with rapid response, professional service and excellent products!

Outdoor Sabic Lexan 203R Polycarbonate Resin 7.0 MFR UV Stabilized 0


Our advantages:

1. Professional focus: professional engineer service team with more than 15 years of experience; Provide a complete set of solutions and services from material sales, quality appraisal, mold design, molding and processing.


2. Perfect service: we have served many high-quality and excellent enterprises at home and abroad, and are well aware of customers' purchasing, product and service needs; From response time, price advantage, problem handling, etc., we provide comprehensive services based on customer needs in multiple dimensions.


3. Inventory supporting: the company has abundant inventory supporting resources, which are located in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen free trade zone and Hong Kong. It has set up warehouses to stock goods, with a standing stock of more than 1000 tons, which can meet the timely spot purchase demand of customers and ensure the reliability and stability of the customer's material supply chain.


4. Logistics distribution: we have long-term and stable logistics partners. According to the needs of customers, we formulate efficient distribution plans and deliver high-quality products to customers in time.


5. Speed advantage: all quotation inquiries will be replied within 24 hours, and the spot materials will be delivered within 48 hours


6. Small batch type selection technical support service: accept small batch orders of 5kg at least; The professional engineer team can cooperate with customers to carry out material selection in the early stage of production, and provide corresponding material recommendations according to customer production and product requirements.


7. Quality assurance: our products are all from well-known manufacturers. Each batch of materials has various inspection reports and certificates including original factory certificate, MSDS, ROHS, SGS, reach, FDA, EU, UL, COC / COA, etc.


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